Friday 9 November 2012

Happy Diwali!!!

I remember my brother saying “I can smell Diwali” a few weeks before Diwali.

And I always wondered how?!!!!

Now I know he meant that he could smell the onset of winter….. there really is this feeling in the air every morning and evening….. you just know….. you know Diwali is coming!!!!!

As kids of course Diwali is all about the new clothes the endless boxes of mithais and the bags full of fire crackers…..

But now Diwali is so so different for me! The morning breakfast is the most important for me…. Being with family is super important….. then the lights and diyas…. And as little fire crackers as possible!!!

And somehow every Diwali is one of reminiscing!  I don’t know why I get all sentimental during this festival but I do!!!!

SO this year I’ve just made a little board of all the things I love about Diwali!

What do you like about diwali?? let me know....

In the meantime for more diwali inspirations and  love check out some of my favorite blogs as well!!!

From the beautiful Rang Decor: Love the way she has mixed fresh flowers and clay diyas!

From Once Upon A Tea Time: Love the collection of items she has this diwali!

From The KEy Bunch: Some great ideas!!!!

And one of my all time favorite Colours Dekor: Love her Diwali decoration tips!!!!

And here's a link to my own diwali post last year..... still seem to miss the same things today as i did then!!!

These diya stands are from Tresorie at Infinity Mall Versova Link road. They are simply stunning!!!

Happy Diwali people!!!! 

Eat lots! 
Play lots! 
Love lots!!!


  1. Some of my happiest memories are during Diwali with my sweetie sister and our family!!!

  2. please read :

  3. Every september, My sister and I start saying how we 'feel' festive. So I can completely understand your brother being able to 'smell' Diwali:) You're right. It's the change in the season, more lights, one occasion after another beginning with dushera. I LOVE this season. Dipika

    1. hey dipika....diwali really is a magical time.... :)