Saturday 23 November 2013

BuTton NeCklacE!

A ribbon, some buttons, a necklace loop, felt fabric, needle and thread and a scissor … can now get you a fun quirky necklace!!!

These are your materials…..

Start by arranging, and re arranging the buttons till you are happy with the layout of your necklace.

Double check on the felt fabric..

Start stitching… Make simple x stitches in the button...

Keep adding them as per your design..

Once you have stitched them all up, cut around the buttons leaving about a quarter inch gap.

Make a slit at the two upper ends for the ribbon to go thru. Once the ribbon is thru, tie a nice tight knot. 

Tie the two ribbons, one to the ring part of your necklace loop and on to the hook part.

And ta-da …. you have a super fun necklace to wear!!!

So the thing that didn't work for me was I kept the ribbon really long… for that i need a firmer base (maybe two pieces of felt, or its best to keep it short so it sits well on your neck…. But i just love this fun necklace!!!

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