Thursday 27 June 2013

HAppy People - BAby ShoweR TWO!!


Once we were sorted on the d├ęcor we arranged for some fun games….

Though this was more of an individual game we still divided the party into people who guessed it was a boy and the people who guessed it was a girl…. Each person was given some colorful clay dough and they had to mould little babies out of them… the cutest one was picked by the mommy to be and was the winner!!

Then we got both mommy and daddy to be involved by making them play this mutli tasking game…

They each had to hold a stuffed toy (like they would a real baby) and talk on the phone and remove the clothes from the clothes line!!! Needless to say mommy won!!!

We also kept a little blackboard for people to put up name suggestions for the new born…

Since they have a 2 year old boy we thought we would do something special for him as well…

We stuffed balloons and gifts into a box which he had to open… the little one was far more excited to see the balloons pop out of the box!!! This is a great diy gift idea for almost any occasion!

This was a really fun party and we enjoyed planning it!!

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