Tuesday 30 October 2012

What To Do Next?!!!!!

So i started this blog to find my creativity more than a year ago..... in the time from then to now i have made cards, christmas decorations, fabric and paper flowers (about a million), paper lanterns, flower frames, gift tags and gift wrapping papers.... i have sketched, learnt (kinda) how to use water colors... made some fun food..... but here i am again lost and confused!!!!

see i thought i would find "my thing" ....... you know "the thing" everyone is looking for?!!! the reason for their existence and all that...... i thought by doing so many various things i would lock onto to something i thought i was all about!!!

unfortunately we're still not there.... infact last few month i have been so inactive with my blog because i have not been inspired by anything really .... i think, as usual, i stuck my greedy li'l fingers into sooooooo many pots that i didn't really pay attention to what i was enjoying the most!!!

anyhow..... me being me..... i shall start again!!!! he he he!!

I have once again narrowed down a few things on my worlds favorite-est site Pinterest the things i connect to the most .... (at this time)!!!

They are all things miniature..... what is the purpose of things miniature u may ask......Nothing!!! is the answer!! nothing but pure love for seeing something small have so much detail and hard work , and the proof of great eye sight!!! attached to it!

 So here are a few images i'm hoping to replicate..... do pick your favorite and let me know.... since i'm not really going to do all of them!!!

So cute these sachets are!!! my fear is to get a proper square!!! also they are filled with lavender.... where will i get lavender??!!!!

 I know once i start these i'll go crazy!!!! question is do i use paper or fabric.... hmmmmmmm!!!

 matchboxes decorated!!! what an awesome idea!!!!

 small li'l buntings!!! oh so cute!!!

I think i wanna recieve these more than make them!!!

flowers in any form are my favorite (hey did i just figure it out..... "my thing"?!!!) and tiny ones... yayie!!!

this looks like hard work..... hmmmm!!!!!! but it should be worth it don't u think?!!

 Similar to the book but the workings are different.... this looks easier!!!

So sweet.... imagine making lots of these and sticking them on your wall!!!

Again i'm a bit worried about getting the exact shape.... but once i do.... i'll make a hundred!!!!

This will be a big project... maybe if i ever have a daughter!!!!

and this will be the furniture!!! how adorable!!

What eye candy don't you think??? its true the best things do come in small packages.... I'm already excited to start off!!!!!!


  1. All good things come in miniatures!!! Go for it)))

  2. They say, "beauty is in the detail" or something like that! ;)

    What I look forward to is your creative touch to these cool miniatures!!

    Go for it Alishka!!