Tuesday 22 May 2012

Tuesday tips - Working from home!

After a very very long time I have got back to my work......Its a great feeling because working from  home is just such a difficult task.... that you invariably keep postponing it....!!

When I started aiku... i was in bombay... it was easier in a way that there was no one in the house once hubby left and no other work or distractions for me (except the tv!!) but still even there getting into work mode was super duper difficult....

Here more so!!! there is so much going on at home that till like 12:00 you cant even think about it.... then you think, may as well have lunch and then start... after all that chaas you feel sleepy so you convince yourself that an hours sleep in the afternoon in this heat is a must..by the time you knock out (thanks to tv) an hour is already gone by!!!.. and your actual sleep time is 40 mins!!! by the time your up its already 5:30 sometimes 6:00.... then you want to have tea coffee with the family and the time creeps up to dinner time....

So really how to work from home???!!!!!

I worked out a few solutions if you stick to seriously then you can manage... of course rather than actually working i sat and made up this list!!!

So here goes:


Equip it with everything you will need such that once you're there you don't keep getting up to get stuff. Most important is to have lots of plug points.... for all your chargers... technology technology!!! If you cant take over a whole room.... just take a corner and put a desk with lots of drawers and some shelves or a small cupboard along it.

Also its super important to keep this space outside your bedroom... don't mix the two!

This is nice because then at the end of the day you can just draw the curtains and hide your work area!

Simple and nice.... anything color co-ordinated just looks great!

I liked this too.... like one big cupboard just for your work!!!


Yes, you have responsibilities at home as well so divide your day. If you want to devote pre-lunch hours to the home do it. But then finish off everything before.... no suddenly remembering something mid way work and rushing off. All the cooking dusting clearing should be finished in time. 

Inform all family members about your work timings.... so that they don't disturb you while you're at work....BE FIRM.... since this, i have experienced is the most difficult part of working from home. Sometimes when we're being all creative we stare into space and family takes that as us doing nothing right??!!!! So they will come just at that moment assume you're doing nothing and expect you to do something for them... and it gets tough to explain that you were actually brainstorming in your head! hence the strict timing rule should work.


Back in Bombay when i used to work i used to do it in my jammies..... and it just didn't work!!!!! it makes you all lazy and loungy and lazy!!!! 
The only way it works is if you shower, wear nice smart work clothes, even shoes (if you must!) anything that makes you feel all fresh and ready to work....


Have a great breakfast.... eggs sausages bacon toast coffee juice the works.... but lunch has to be very light.... working on a full stomach is impossible......!

here are some fun options.... get the recipes from my pinterest page "Comfort Food"

Sesame Brown Rice Salad with Shredded Chicken and Peanuts

Grilled chicken sandwich

teriyaki chicken and boiled rice

spicy thai noodles...


Pack up at the end of the day. Pick a suitable time like 7:00 maybe and then call it a day. even if you have pending work... keep it for the next day. Remember if you were in an office you would have left at the end of your working hours, so keep the same systems for your home. No checking emails on your phone either!!!

 watch TV chill with the family get dinner into place... there is lots to do!!!

These are just a few things that helped me.... however while i'm writing this blog i have shifted to the office...!! its about ten minutes from home.... but only because this way I can be with the Hubby all day!!!

But no really... working from home may not be easy and it might take a while to get into the flow... but once you've got things in place its very much do able!!!

:) happy working!!!!


  1. yeah! i have experienced all of these while working at home...

    cool easy to follow tips to increase productivity.. :)

  2. suvidha ARUKIA25 May 2012 at 03:05

    Lovely tips.... So true .. thank you aiku!

  3. Wow cool tips.