Wednesday 4 January 2012

HaPpy NEw YeAr!!!

New years in sunny Goa!!

Shack by the beach, fireworks that went on for about a half hour nonstop! a fun couple from Singapore for conversations and a great husband to kiss at midnight!!! what else can a girl ask for!!!

But now i'm back in freezing cold Jaipur! Its sometimes so cold that i actually feel like my mind has frozen.... i can't complete my own thoughts! and I crave for the sun.... (which was the bane of my existence in Bombay!)

This was probably not the best month to shift to Jaipur i think.... it gets dark real fast and it's only relatively warm between 12:00 and 5:00..... most of which time stores are closed for lunch!

Also the city is very tough to understand.... i know of very few areas and unless you have a car or a bike (i tried learning a kinetic, not so easy considering i can't ride a cycle!!!!!) you can't get very far.

So first few new years resolutions are:
1. Quit whining about the weather. 
2. Learn to explore new things. 

Due to the above i'm home most often and out of sheer boredom I am either on the internet or watching TV or even worse eating!!! internet is ok... well it keeps me connected to my family and friends.... TV ok.... its my sole addiction really.... but the food... oh my god the food!!! The main meals all consist of veggies and meat made in ghee (super fatty!!!) and even the snack options during the evenings is cheese on toast or fried somethings!!!! aaaarrrrggghhh!!!!!

So next few resolutions:
3. Learn to cook what you want to eat!
4. Discipline yourself with a diet. 

You know the best lesson i learnt last year with Aiku was that not only am i good at crafty things not only do I still have the creative streak in me that i thought I had lost... but working on even the smallest thing keep your mind sharp and active.... which is very important especially when life is moving along slowly....

5. Figure out my work irrespective of everything else. 

So five things is not so bad..... but I'm going to add another just because....

6. Be super selfish..... worry less about others and yourself.... so long as you are happy you will keep people around you happy!

I think I can manage these this year.....



lets go!!!!!


  1. two paragraphs down this blog and i had to scroll down and write this....

    lol.... hahahahaha!!!! on the brain freezing one.

  2. lol on the 3rd resolution.. well timed!

    u r a funny one ali!!

  3. ok. ready. lets go ali!!

    lets do it!

  4. reading ur fun blog...;) 6th a tough one...finally conquered it last year...;) phew....:)))))))
    goood luck....;)
    n happy new year


  5. ha ha.... thanks riah:) :)

    aadi.... i love u!!!!